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5 Furniture Trends for the Incoming Years

The furniture market in Poland is strong and keeps on evolving. The dynamic growth of the sector increases the awareness of manufacturers.

The furniture market in Poland is strong and keeps on evolving. The dynamic growth of the sector increases the awareness of manufacturers. The largest ones invest in designing furniture and follow the world-wide trends. Is the Polish market mature enough to keep up?

Following the report titled The Furniture Market in Poland made by KMPG in June 2017, for the majority of furniture consumers trends are of subjective character and are more long-standing than for the entire sector. The report shows that the majority of the consumers link their shopping preferences with the long-standing experience and stable taste.

From the moment of entering the trend on the market, a Pole needs at least two years to accept it and buy. On the other hand, we have been facing a growing group of recipients who parallelly follow the trends. They are consumers and professionalists – architects, interior designers, interior design websites and magazines. Opinion-makers. They promote trends and affect the shopping decisions of the Poles.

In order to tailor the offer of their furniture to the needs of the abovementioned market pillars, the manufacturers decide to extend the portfolio of brands. They manufacture furniture dedicated to the mass market and introduce a new brand whereunder they launch limited collections of furniture relying on the up-to-date designing tendencies, such as the company Paged S.A. and their Paged Collection sub-brand.

As KPMG stated in their report, furniture-manufacturing entities also decide to launch the product strategy that consists in keeping some permanent collections corresponding with the needs of some larger group of customers on their offer. What is more, in their collections they attempt to become independent of the variability of trends preferring the knowledge of the Poles’ needs. They offer high-quality furniture and focus on design and comfort of use. But this is not enough. Failure to split the brand in the minds of buyers, though it seems to be a saving. It is ostensible. It will not increase the competitiveness, it will interfere with the distinctiveness of the entity and will translate into the drop in the sales.

The Most Common Styles of Furniture according to Consumers and Entities – is the analysis from the KPMG report that is vital for managing the brand of furniture with the consideration of tendencies. 58% of the Polish consumers decide on a modern style while Polish entities manufacture 74% of such furniture. The minimalist style was chosen by 24% of the respondents and 6% of entities. 22% of Polish customers decide to buy a common Scandinavian style while 11% of manufacturers make furniture of this type. A classical style on the fourth place with the result of 18% almost corresponds with the manufacturing at the level of 17%. On the fifth place was the furniture made in the Provence style – it was bought by 7% of the respondents from 4% of entities. The essence of the sales in the furniture sector relies on forecasting the needs of customers not today but in a 10, 20 or 30 years’ time. This is the way of conduct of the largest Swedish furniture chain store. Coming back to the KPMG report. The survey on the future of trends that will be shaping the furniture sector in Poland gave the following answers: aesthetics of the furniture 97%, its functionality 92% and simplicity understood as resignation from decorations 89%, moderate colours and representativeness – 81% parallelly. In order to be able to forecast trends in the furniture sector more precisely, we should examine the world-wide social, technological, environmental and economic trends. As they will affect the quality and lifestyle of people in the future.

The results of research presented in this paper were quoted from the KPMG Poland report titled The Furniture Market in Poland, June 2017.

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