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TRISS Exhibition Stand

Design of an exhibition stand

“A new vision of the furnishings. An intriguing setting of the stand by the Poland-based company Triss attracted a great deal of visitors. The open space and extremely professional service encouraged conversation. The arrangement of space, properly matching to the business profile, influenced the building of a positive brand image. A friendly atmosphere created with the great table, the delicious treat prepared on site by professional chefs and the friendly service made it hard not to stay here for longer.” Source:
The fair stand is nothing but a sign in space, which is supposed to convey the message to the potential customer in the best possible way. Our assumption in the Triss project was to show that Triss is a furniture factory, hence the idea of presenting a miniature factory in the form of a stand. The simple idea brought the expected results. Customers looking for subcontractors in Poland were able to get to the stand without any problems. – says the stand designer Wojciech Łanecki, founder of Sir Henry Studio.

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