Ideas Worth Designing

Visual identification: packaging design

TRISS Exhibition Stand

“A new vision of the furnishings. An intriguing setting of the stand by the Poland-based company Triss attracted a great deal of visitors. The open space and extremely professional service encourag…

BLASH – Expo Stand

Exhibition stand for Blash brand made of plasterboard. Blash is a brand of handmade stainless steel accessories. Blash’s characteristic graphic sign is the silhouette of a man who appears on …


Interior design and construction in a cigarette distributor’s store in Świecko city on the German border. Due to the location on the Polish-German border, the store sells cigarettes mainly in whole…


Design and construction of a temporary smoking booth in the Stary Browar shopping centre in Poznań.
The design concept was to create a space serving as a smoking area, with features making a …


Sir Henry Studio offers a wide range of design services. We design entire brands, but also products, furniture, and we create tools to support store and online sales.

Our priority is to execute orders ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We approach each client individually so that our projects, as far as possible, meet the expectations and needs of the client.