Ideas Worth Designing

Our Brands

Sir Henry Studio was created out of love for design that we strengthen by creating also our own projects.  Why are we doing this?

  • Our work gives us great pleasure
  • We live up to our ambitions by making our own products
  • We want to change the world for the better and to create products that will contribute to it


Sir Henry Studio has also its owns projects, as we believe deeply that owing to them we are changing the world for the better. Each of them was created from scratch, proving that everything is possible if there is a true desire.

We want you to be sure that our customers receive the best services because we not only know how to prepare a communication and marketing strategy, how to design a new brand and product, but we also bring them to fruition and run advertising campaigns to increase sales.


Sir Henry Studio offers a wide range of design services. We design entire brands, but also products, furniture, and we create tools to support store and online sales.

Our priority is to execute orders ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We approach each client individually so that our projects, as far as possible, meet the expectations and needs of the client.