Ideas Worth Designing

Furniture Design

Sir Henry Studio offers a wide range of design services. We design brands, products and furniture. We often combine these areas by outlining an idea that then takes the form of a brand and products.  We approach each order individually so that the brand created together with the customer meets not only his expectations but also reaches the target group in the most effective way.

By creating new brands, we strive to make them both functional and of the highest quality.

We want each of our products to be unique, timeless, and to bring new value to the lives of those who use it.



We will help you create and develop your communication strategy.

We will design for you a brand or a product, from inventing the brand name up to its implementation.

HEXAGEN – krzesło

Krzesło stworzone z dwóch giętych paneli PCV formowanych w procesie obróbki termicznej. Dzięki wodoodpornym właściwościom PCV, krzesło można używać jako mebel ogrodowy lub tarasowy.


Sir Henry Studio offers a wide range of design services. We design entire brands, but also products, furniture, and we create tools to support store and online sales.

Our priority is to execute orders ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We approach each client individually so that our projects, as far as possible, meet the expectations and needs of the client.