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AMI – Ekskluzywna marka odzieżowa

AMI to marka odzieży ekskluzywnej nadającej się na każdą okazję – od stroju do pracy, aż do kreacji na uroczystą kolację. Kolekcja odzieży AMI tworzona jest w całości w Polsce, z materiałów najwyżs…


Kierującej swoją ofertę do młodych odważnych kobiet, które chcą łamać powszechnie przyjęte i akceptowane w społeczeństwie normy. Marka ma oddawać ducha silnej kobiety, która mimo młodego wieku nie …


The product facilitates the dishing of pet food from the pouch while allowing closing the pouch to keep the food fresh for longer. At the same time, it is an advertising gadget for the company. Our…


We believe that every brand requires a multidimensional approach – not only at the stage of its creation, but also in the subsequent product making and coordination of the project’s logistics. Thus, each of these elements we approach with passion and full engagement, and for this reason at Sir Henry Studio we also produce furniture and create sales support elements. We work using the latest technologies, and thanks to our long presence on the market we have experience in cooperation not only with domestic, but also with international companies.

We implement our projects or those commissioned to us by our clients through the services of proven and reliable Polish manufacturers.  The manufacturer is chosen by the client based on our estimates and recommendations, and we offer support also at the production stage by supervising the execution and assembly and by constant quality control of the work in progress.

Ekspozytory handlowe

Projekty i realizacje ekspozytorów, stojaków wystawowych oraz zabudów meblowych dla różnych międzynarodowych korporacji i marek, dostosowanych do linii i wytycznych poszczególnych strategii komunik…

HEXAGEN – krzesło

Krzesło stworzone z dwóch giętych paneli PCV formowanych w procesie obróbki termicznej. Dzięki wodoodpornym właściwościom PCV, krzesło można używać jako mebel ogrodowy lub tarasowy.

Intravision – WALL dla DnB Nor Bank

Projekt, zrealizowany w Oslo w Norwegii, opiera się na konstrukcji ściany z wbudowanym systemem świetlnym, na której zawieszono stalową siatkę, po której spływa woda tworząc lekką poświatę widoczną…

Mennica Polska

Projekt i realizacja sklepu dla Mennicy Polskiej na Wawelu.
Realizacja sklepu dla Mennicy Polskiej w prestiżowej lokalizacji na Wawelu.
Projekt zakładał podkreślenie walorów marki Menni…

Expo Stands

An important element in the promotion of a brand is to mark its presence on the market during trade fairs. We believe that the fair stall can be a very powerful recognition sign, and the opportunity to actually see the brand and the products appeals to the client much more than the descriptions and advertisements in the catalogues. Despite the impermanence of this form of promotion, with the proper design and preparation of the stand, the brand will remain long in the customer’s mind. These are the kinds of stalls that Sir Henry Studio creates.

Our Brands

Sir Henry Studio was created out of love for design that we strengthen by creating also our own projects.  Why are we doing this?

  • Our work gives us great pleasure
  • We live up to our ambitions by making our own products
  • We want to change the world for the better and to create products that will contribute to it


Sir Henry Studio has also its owns projects, as we believe deeply that owing to them we are changing the world for the better. Each of them was created from scratch, proving that everything is possible if there is a true desire.

We want you to be sure that our customers receive the best services because we not only know how to prepare a communication and marketing strategy, how to design a new brand and product, but we also bring them to fruition and run advertising campaigns to increase sales.

Why are we worthy of your trust? We know what we do because we love doing it:

We have been in the industry for 15 years
We are flexible
We cooperate only with proven contractors
We are competitive in terms of quality and price of services
So far, we have been implementing projects ranging from five thousand to one million euros
We keep abreast with all technological innovations which we use in our projects
We guarantee the highest quality and a lot of satisfaction from our cooperation and its effects

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Sir   Smart Ideas Research

Henry   Help, Entertain, be Natural, be Real, be Yourself

Sir Henry Studio offers a wide range of design services. We design entire brands, but also products, furniture, and we create tools to support store and online sales.

Our priority is to execute orders ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We approach each client individually so that our projects, as far as possible, meet the expectations and needs of the client.


Sir Henry Studio is a socially responsible and eco-friendly company. We are not indifferent to the environment in which we live so with passion and commitment we create new ideas and products that combine design, fashion, and ecology, resulting  , among others, in such brands as: PET PETITS, WOOD STEEL COLOR, BANG – BOYS.

We propose three models of cooperation


1. Comprehensive service for investors wishing to start a new business

Are you an investor? Are you looking for an idea for your brand?  You will find us to be a suitable partner.   We approach each project individually and comprehensively, beginning with inventing the company name and creating its visual identification, through developing product lines, packaging, and prototype production, all the way to store interior design. We start our undertaking with careful market research, so that the proposals we have prepared precisely address the needs and expectations of the target group.

As part of cooperation, we will prepare:

  • Research and market exploration preceding the creation of the brand
  • Company name
  • Visual identification of the brand
  • Website
  • Professional photo session
  • Film production advertising the brand in a subtle way
  • Promotional stand


We will design and create:

  • Brand’s products
  • Furniture
  • Interior decoration


Your brand will be a careful reflection of what you want to convey to your target recipients, because you can precisely determine the components of the project and decide for yourself what we should prepare for you. It will be our pleasure to work on your project.

2. Projects for start-ups

You already have your brand, but are you are still looking for innovation and new interesting projects? For us, it is not important whether you represent a large corporation or whether you are a medium or small entrepreneur. What matters is what you want to achieve and whether your product will have a positive impact on the world and the people around you.

As part of cooperation, we will design and make:

  • Products
  • Furniture
  • Trading outlets
  • Advertising displays
  • Display fixtures
  • Visual identifications
  • Product packaging
  • Websites

3. Production for companies

You have your brand but do you want to expand and increase sales results of the company? Also in this area, we will offer you our support.  To increase sales, especially for your sales outlet we will create:

  • Furniture
  • Furniture installations
  • Shopping fixtures
  • Restaurant furniture
  • Chain stores
  • Trading outlets
  • Exhibition stands
  • Sales support tools
  • Advertising displays
  • Display fixtures
  • Point Of Sell

We will also take care of the logistics and assembly of the elements, so that you can focus on the development of your business.

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Sir Henry Studio offers a wide range of design services. We design entire brands, but also products, furniture, and we create tools to support store and online sales.

Our priority is to execute orders ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We approach each client individually so that our projects, as far as possible, meet the expectations and needs of the client.