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BRAHMAN’S – Production of exclusive furniture

Brahman’s Home is an exclusive brand of furniture and interior design elements.


Brand design

Brand name

Brand’s promotion strategy: photo session

Brand’s development

Determining the artistic trend of the company

Film production Communication strategy

Furniture design

The characteristic features of Brahman’s furniture are their classic forms and high-quality material from which they are made. The company’s idea is internal harmony resulting from the combination of five elements: stone, wood, leather, glass, and metal, which we find in all furniture. All Brahman’s products are manufactured in Poland by skilled and experienced craftsmen. High-quality materials, including American walnut or stainless steel covered with 24K gold are obtained from sources that guarantee their quality while at the same time respect the environment and fair trade rules. Sir Henry Studio was responsible for the overall design of the brand and its individual products. Moreover, the founder and owner of Sir Henry, Wojciech Łanecki, is the creative director of Brahman’s Home

Logo Design

Film production

Determining the artistic trend of the company

Brand development

Web site design and development

Furniture design

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